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  • Photo Print - The Gessler Restaurant, Old Town Warsaw
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Photo Print - The Gessler Restaurant, Old Town Warsaw

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The Gessler restaurant, formerly known as "Krokodyl" ("Crocodile") was a very exclusive restaurant in Warsaw's Old Town. The food at Gessler's was very unique, offering many old Polish royal recipes, some of which were exclusive to the restaurant. Unfortunately, the restaurant closed its doors at the beginning of 2008. Keep the memory alive with this beautiful print.

The decor is breathtaking: it conjures up images of royal residences. There is an abundance of melting candles, overflowing fruit baskets and green plants in full bloom. The building itself is a maze of small rooms, all linked by stone-walled corridors. The food is first class and expensive. It's all traditional and made in accordance with old Polish royal recipes although modern ingredients have been thrown into some dishes. Some of the dishes on offer are unique to Gessler. This is the place to come if you are looking to impress.

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