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  • Ostatni Seans - Agatha Christie 1CD
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Ostatni Seans - Agatha Christie 1CD

by Polish Audio Books Item #: RTW347
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  • Format: 5.70" x 4.92" (14,5 x 12,5 cm), etui plastikowe
  • Rok wydania: 2004
  • Wydawnictwo: RTW

Sluchowisko na plycie CD.
Wystepuja: Krzysztof Gosztyla, Andrzej Ferenc, Izabela Bukowska, Joanna Sobieska, Krystyna Krolowna.

In Polish Only!

  • The Last Seance by Agatha Christie
  • Format: 5.70" x 4.92" (14,5 x 12,5 cm)
  • Release year: 2004
  • Publisher: RTW

A radio adaptation of a classic Agatha Christie short story. Bridget has an unusual and frightening gift for communicating with the dead, and making the deceased appear in a flesh and blood likeness. When Rasha approaches her, in mourning for her young daughter, Simone reluctantly agrees to carry out a seance, with horrifying results.