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Invitation to Poland - Zaproszenie: Part 3 DVD

by Polish Films on DVD Item #: DV671C
Following our customers request for a new program about Poland we have commissioned 15 carefully selected stories from the very popular series of over 200 produced for Polish TV. With the help of Wojciech Nowakowski, author and a host of the program, three DVDs were created, showing different regions of the country for everyone interested in Poland, its tradition and culture. Each DVD, approximately 85 minutes long, contains five English subtitled stories, presenting in great detail with artful commentary, magnificent places in Poland, often located off usual tourist tracks, yet very appealing and exciting.

Volume A:
• Gniezno - St. Adalbert's City - Wojciechowy Grod
• Pomerania and the Mazurian Lakes - Pomorze i po jeziorze
• The Historical Wielkopolska Region 1 - Prapolska Wielkopolska 1
• Pictures from Mazovia 1 - Obrazki z Mazowsza cz 1
• Medieval Castle Games - Zabawy na zamku

Volume B:
• The Historical Wielkopolska Region 2 - Prapolska Wielkopolska 2
• Pictures from Mazovia 2 - Obrazki z Mazowsza cz 2
• The Eagle Nest's Trail - Szlak Orlich Gniazd
• The Fourth Battle of Grunwald - Czwarta bitwa pod Grunwaldem
• Bread Grown in Tarnow - Chleb Ziemi Tarnowskiej

Volume C:
• The Canal that Generals Built - Generaly ten kanal budowaly
• Pictures from Mazovia 3 - Obrazki z Mazowsza 3
• The Lublin Tourist Triangle - Lubelski Trojkat turystyczny
• The Castles and Monasteries of Malopolska - Po zamkach i klasztorach Malopolski
• The Raftsman and his Raft - Flisak tratwe pcha

Total run approximately 255 minutes, Color
Authors: Wojciech Nowakowski, Marek Januszewicz, Ewa Garstecka, Piotr Dudek, Michal Adam Lukaszek, Tomasz Morciniec
Format: NTSC, Region 1 (USA & Canada)
Language: Polish
Non-optional Subtitles: English
Genre: Documentary, TV Program