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  • Janosik: The Highland Robber 4 DVD Boxed Set
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Janosik: The Highland Robber 4 DVD Boxed Set

by Polish Films on DVD Item #: DV669SET

Janosik is a legendary hero of the Tatra Mountains. As the leader of a band of outlaws this mountain robber steals from the rich and helps the poor. An exciting action film, in the tradition of Robin Hood, full of adventures, fights, duels, pursuits and traps. This Polish TV series contains 13 episodes each running about 45 minutes long.

1. FIRST LESSONS - After defending a boy being tortured by the Count's guards, a young highlander is captured and thrown into prison. The Count's daughter, intrigued by the brave highlander, helps him escape from his captors.

2. OUTLAW'S LAWS - A failed attack on a noble's manor leads to Jakubek seeking unjustified revenge on the owner of the manor, who happens to be an honorable man. This causes a conflict between Janosik and Jakubek.

3. IN A STRANGER'S SKIN - Several guards disguised as highlanders attack a merchant's caravan, hoping to blame the robbery on Janosik's gang. In return, Janosik disguises his highlanders as guards, and they face their enemy.

4. THE KIDNAPPING - Maryna, Janosik's girl, is kidnapped by order of the Count and brought to his castle. Disguised as sheep herders, Janosik and his men sneak into the castle to save her.

5. DANCING OUTLAWS - There is a ball at the Count's castle. To attract more people, several highlander girls are forced to come against their will. Janosik's men also arrive, dressed in the clothes of some of the guests who were robbed on the way to the ball. Unfortunately, they are discovered and must escape before they're caught.

6. THE MONEY BAG - The Count has decided to impose new taxes on the countryside. Several desperate peasants beg Janosik for help. He decides to contribute some of the stolen money he and his men "acquired" to help the peasants in their time of need.

7. OKOWITA BARREL - The Austrian authorities send the army to get Janosik and his gang. The men decide to escape across the Tatra mountains to a slovak village. When they get there, they get involved in the defense of a peasant being beaten by some guards.

8. GOOD PRICE - Janosik, who's been called back by some highlanders, decides to trick the Austrian army into leaving. The highlanders start to spread word that there is a Chicken Pox epidemic going around, while Janosik's men ambush a fleeing general.

9. THE DRAFT - During a draft for the Austrian army, rich families pay bribes to keep their sons from being drafted, while poor peasants have no choice. Janosik decides to solve the problem by trading some of the rich families' servants for the poor families' sons.

10. ALL FOR ONE - Two highlanders are captured by some guards. Right before their execution is to take place, the army enters the square. All of a sudden, a fire breaks out nearby, and one of the officers takes off his uniform, revealing his true identity.

11. TOO BAD... IT'S LOVE - During a feast, a Duke shows up with his beautiful niece, Evelyn. Janosik, struck by the girl's beauty, kidnaps her for ransom. Before he knows what happened, the girl is kidnapped from him, and given back to the Duke. After looking around, he finds out who was behind it ... a jealous Maryna.

12. THE TWO FIGHTING HIGHLANDERS - The Austrian army enters a village, and begin to pillage. Janosik calls a different highland leader, Bardos, for help. Unfortunately, instead of helping much, a rivalry develops between Bardos and Janosik over the beautiful Maryna.

13. TREASON - Janosik decides to get married with Maryna. As the wedding takes place, the church is surrounded by a strong regiment of the Austrian army. Janosik is captured along with his men, and they are all later executed. The execution is witness by a young highlander, who later takes on Janosik's role as savior of the highlands.

Zdjecia do serialu telewizyjnego rozpoczely sie w maju 1972 roku i trwaly do marca 1973. W tym czasie nakrecono 80 tys. metrow tasmy. Serial realizowany byl w zamku na Pieskowej Skale, w okolicach Ojcowa i w roznych rejonach Podkarpacia, a takze w atelier w Warszawie i Pradze. W praskim studiu, wiekszym od warszawskiego, czescy dekoratorzy urzadzili wedlug projektu scenografa filmu Jana Grandysa grote skalna, w ktorej nagrano niektore sceny zbojnickie. Scenariusz filmu powstal na podstawie legend o tatrzanskim zbojniku. Poniewaz - jak twierdzi rezyser Jerzy Passendorfer - legendy nie nalezy traktowaƦ zbyt powaznie, w filmie jest duzo humoru i zabawnych scen. Nie brak widowiskowych bojek i walk, szalenczych jazd na koniu, a nawet upadkow ze skaly. Kazdy z 13 odcinkow opowiada odrebna, zamknieta historie. W sumie stanowia one opowiesc o przygodach zbojnickiej kompanii, do ktorej trafia Janosik.

Cast: Marek Perepeczko (Janosik), Ewa Lemanska (Maryna), Bogusz Bilewski (Walus Kwiczol), Witold Pyrkosz (Jedrus Pyzdra), Marian Kociniak (Murgrabia), Mieczyslaw Czechowicz (Hrabia Hortvath), Janusz Bukowski (zbojnik Wroblik), Jerzy Cnota (zbojnik Gasior), Janusz Klosinski (zbojnik Kusmider), Marian Lacz (zbojnik Slowak), Kazimierz Macutkiewicz , Jozef Morgala , Jacek Ryniewicz , Tadeusz Somogi (hajduk)
Director: Jerzy Passendorfer
Screenplay: Tadeusz Kwiatkowski
1973, Color, Total Run Time 603 mins.
Features: Screen selection, Biographies
Format: NTSC, Region 1 (USA & Canada)
Language: Polish
Non-optional Subtitles: English
Genre: Drama, TV Program, Historical

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