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  • Bronze Plaque - Tadeusz Kosciuszko Bust Image
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Bronze Plaque - Tadeusz Kosciuszko Bust Image

by Polish Metal Works Item #: 435926
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This bronze plaque features a bust image of the Polish-American Hero Tadeusz Kościuszko in high relief. Engraved in the background along the arch is the hero's name along with his year of birth and death. Above in the ornamented ribbon is the Polish Coat-of-Arms emblem of the White Eagle. Handcrafted in Poland.

Plaque measures: approx. 5.0" Wide x 6.5" Tall

Please Note: Walnut Finish Plate Stand is not included as pictured, but it can be purchases separately.

Born in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth of his time, Tadeusz Kościuszko (1746-1817) was a Polish, Lithuanian, American, and Belarusian national hero and military general. Kosciuszko fought as a Colonel in the American Revolutionary War, Lieutenant General in the Polish-Russian War of 1792, and Commander-in-Chief of the Kosciuszko Uprising in 1794. As one of Poland's most brilliant military commanders of the time, Kosciuszko receive the Virtuti Militari Medal, Poland's highest military decoration even today, for his leadership in the War of 1792. He aided many U.S. slaves to obtain their freedom and completely freed all his own serfs. Mikael Dziewanowski identified him as a "pioneer of emancipation and a spokesman for racial democracy and justice in eighteenth-century America" and Thomas Jefferson regarded him "as pure a son of liberty as I have ever known." All around the world many places now bear his name in commemoration.