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  • Christmas Santa Hand Painted & Signed Glass Heart Ornament
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Christmas Santa Hand Painted & Signed Glass Heart Ornament

by Polish Folk Arts Item #: 570214
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Christmas trees are usually decorated with commercially produced Christmas ornaments along with ones created by family members. Now you can extend your household's Christmas ornament collection to include hand-painted Christmas ornaments from Poland designed and masterfully crafted from a local artist from the Mazowsze region that has prepared this individual line of fantastic ornaments. You will have the pleasure to enjoy these handcrafted Christmas ornaments year after year, generation to generation. Every ornament is signed by the artist and no two paintings are alike. The artist has hand-painted various Christmas motifs on ornaments in the forms of hand-blown Glass Bells, hand-blown Glass Hearts, Limited Edition hand-blow Glass Balls, and on Real Turkey Eggs!

This see-through Glass Heart Ornament has a gold colored rim framing the front image of the Christmas cheer-bringer Santa Claus with a large sack on his back and a Shepherd's cane in his hand. In the background of Santa are snow covered evergreens displayed through the back of the heart.

Ornament Measures 2.4" Wide x 2.5" Tall