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  • Sew-On Patch - Lublin City Crest
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Sew-On Patch - Lublin City Crest

by Polish Souvenirs Item #: 851232
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Personalize your garments, sports apparel, and bags with Polish patriotism by applying this sew-on embroidered patch to your articles. Created with great attention to detail, this patch is of the LUBLIN city Coat-of-Arms emblem with the Polish city's name displayed on the shield. You can even frame it for a wall to proudly display. Patches are great unity for clubs or organizations, or to even make your current sewing project into a special gift.

Patch measures: 1.5" x 2.4"

Patches can be sewed onto fabric or garments with a single or double stitch by sewing along the border of the patch.