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  • Napoleons Scouts of the Imperial Guard
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Napoleons Scouts of the Imperial Guard

by Osprey Publishing Item #: BK2452
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Napoleon's Scouts of the Imperial Guard
Written by Ronald Pawly
Illustrated by Patrice Courcelle

Driven out of Germany after his defeat at Leipzig in 1813, Napoleon seemed to face disaster. Some 345,000 Allied troops were converging on France from the east; and Napoleon had only about 80,000 men. Most of his veterans had been killed in Russia and Germany, and he was short of cavalry to counter the swarms of Cossacks. For his last and possibly most brilliant campaign, Napoleon raised three regiments of mounted Scouts for his Imperial Guard. Through the story of these units the reader can follow Napoleon's dazzling manoeuvres in the campaign of 1814; and their widely varied uniforms are reconstructed in meticulously researched colour plates.

Publishing House: Osprey Publishing Ltd., New York 2006
Men-at-Arms Series, No 433
Softcover book measuring 7.3" x 9.8"
48 pages, illustrations, portraits
English Language Version

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