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  • Democratic Government in Poland: Politics Since 1989
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Democratic Government in Poland: Politics Since 1989

by Palgrave Macmillan Item #: BK2549
Democratic Government in Poland: Constitutional Politics Since 1989
by George Sanford

Democratic government has now been entrenched in Poland. An increasingly significant European actor, Poland presents problematic but also stimulating challenges to new NATO and EU associates. This authoritative overview examines in depth the constitutional and governmental framework in Poland since 1989 and its central political institutions, mechanisms, and actors. Sanford demonstrates how the governmental system evolved pragmatically during the 1990s to cope with modernization and consolidated viable independent statehood consensually around Poland's hardy constitutional values.

"An excellent book for undergraduates, graduates, scholars, and anyone seriously interested in Poland. . ."
L.K.D. KRISTOF, Choice

GEORGE SANFORD is in the Department of Politics, University of Bristol.

Publishing House: Palgrave Macmillan, New York 2002
Hardcover book measuring 5.75" x 8.75"
280 pages, tables, chronology, index
English Language Version

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