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  • Man on the Tracks - Czlowiek na torze DVD
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Man on the Tracks - Czlowiek na torze DVD

by Polish Films on DVD Item #: DV504
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Based on a short story by J.S. Stawiński, the film is a study of an old railway worker who cannot fit into the contemporary world and its ideals. Devoting his life to his work, he gives his life to save a train. A blatantly anti-Stalinist film dealing with the deteriorating living and working conditions of 1950's Communist Poland. The story follows an investigation into the mysterious death of a Railway Engineer, and begins to reveal the subtle intricacies of a man who had trouble fitting in with the new standards set by the Communist authorities.

Directed by Andrzej Munk
Cast: Kazimierz Opalinski, Zygmunt Maciejewski, Zygmunt Zintel, Zygmunt Listkiewicz, Roman Klosowski, Kazimierz Fabisiak, Ludoslaw Kozlowski, Janusz Bylczynski.
Screenplay: Andrzej Munk, Jerzy Stefan Stawiński
Director of Photography: Romuald Kropat, Jerzy Wojcik.
Music: Jan Krenz
1957, Black & White. 87 mins.
Director biography, scene selection, original poster.
NTSC format - ready to use in the USA and Canada - no need for multisystem equipment.
In Polish with optional English Subtitles
Genre: Drama