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  • I Love You - Ajlawju DVD
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I Love You - Ajlawju DVD

by Polish Films on DVD Item #: DV812
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"Last time I fell in love—I thought that I would die of love. When my friend fell in love—I thought I would die with laughter." The Director, Marek Koterski, says that this is the key to the film. He asks us to think about how we behave when we are madly in love, especially as adults when we have families of our own.

Director: Marek Koterski
Actors: Cezary Pazura, Katarzyna Figura
Language: Polish
Subtitle options: English
1999, Color, 16:9 Screen, 88 mins, Dolby Digital
Rating: R
Format: NTSC, Region 1 (USA & Canada)
Special features: Scene selection, other DVD's
Genre: Comedy, Romance