925pf Silver Medal - Piast Dynasty, King Wladyslaw Lokietek

925pf Silver Medal - Piast Dynasty, King Wladyslaw Lokietek

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The Royal Collection - WŁADYSŁAW THE SHORT

Piast Dynasty 1320-1333 - 925 Proof Silver Numismat


The sixth item in The Royal Collection is a numismat with an image of WŁADYSŁAW THE SHORT (1320-1333).

The numismats have the same obverse decorated with the image of the White Eagle—the state emblem of Poland and the emblem of the Piast dynasty.

Product is marked with the MW signature—the trade mark of the Warsaw Mint, today the Mint of Poland, which guarantees the authenticity, the original artistic design and the highest quality of production.

Free Gift
• SMP Embroidered Red Velour Bag.
• Certificate of Authenticity (in original Polish language).

Product Details

Catalog Product Number 200106
Edition Limited Edition Collection of 19800
Only 1000 available for US
Year of Issue January 2009
Country Poland
Weight 0.5 oz
Stamp Mirror
Alloy Silver (Ag) 925
Diameter 1.26"
Condition Uncirculated
Designer Beata Wątróbska-Wdowiarska


In 1766, King Stanisław August Poniatowski founded a mint that would design and create the most beautiful coins on the Old Continent. Today, The Mint of Poland is a leading producer of coins and medals in Poland and Europe. It is Poland's only manufacturer of circulation and collector coins, issued by the National Bank of Poland, and is the third best mint in the world. An exclusive agreement, between The Mint of Poland Treasury and Polart, a 20 year-old company providing gifts from (or about) Poland, is bringing some of the finest medals and coins ever made to America for the first time.