ATAPA Essential Oil for Aromatherapy, Lavender

ATAPA Essential Oil for Aromatherapy, Lavender

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The ancient secret of making people like you, being calm, peaceful and have more fun with people you love!

Huge population of people have a lot of problems with relaxation, anxiety and sleeping disorders.

-Lavender essential oil was successfully used for those problems for hundreds of years by people.
-It's perfect for aromatherapy and massage.
-You can add it to a warm bath to make it more relaxing.

If you are looking for nice intensive natural (not toxic) scent for your home, office or car this essential oil is perfect choice for you.

-It can be used in diffuser, to make candles or soap.
-It will give you natural concentrated scent of lavender flower.
-Lavender is one of the most useful essential oil for therapeutic process.
-It can be used as a antiseptic and for burn to prevent infection.
-Is great to help heal our skin.
-Our essential oils are 100% natural, undiluted and therapeutic grade.
-Can be used by beginners and professionals.

Buying our Lavender Essential Oil you will get:
- 10 ml of 100% Natural Undiluted therapeutic grade essential oil, lavender.