Dziwny Przypadek - Agata Christie 1CD

Dziwny Przypadek - Agata Christie 1CD

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  • Czas: okolo 42 minut
  • Format: 5.70" x 4.92" (14,5 x 12,5 cm), pudelko
  • Rok wydania: 2005
  • Wydawnictwo: RTW

Sluchowisko na plycie CD zrealizowane na podstawie powiesci Agathy Chrisitie z udzialem Andrzeja Ferenca, Krzysztofa Kolbasiuka, Joanny Sobieskiej i Krzystofa Gosztyly.

In Polish Only!

  • The Strange Case by Agatha Christie
  • Duration: approximately 42 minutes
  • Format: 5.70" x 4.92" (14,5 x 12,5 cm)
  • Release year: 2005
  • Publisher: RTW

Sir Arthur has been content to allow his middle-aged stepmother and younger half-brother to go on living with him. A month before Sir Arthur's marriage, he's stricken with an extraordinary form of amnesia, and a distinguished psychologist is called in. His stepmother certainly has a motive to see that he has no heir other than her son, but how could she have arranged "this"?