Legend of the Story of the Tatar Horesman (Bilingual)

Legend of the Story of the Tatar Horesman (Bilingual)

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Learning about Polish Legends can now be done in three languages… ALL AT ONCE! This beautiful series of richly illustrated books brings Polish Legends to speakers of English and Polish. Each book contains one legend in all tow or three languages, and a detailed drawing on every other page.

This particular book recounts the story of:
The Legend of the Story of the Tatar Horesman" (Legenda o Lajkoniku)

Adaptation: Boguslaw Michalec
Illustration: Kazimierz Wasilewski
Translation: Hanna Sokolowska

Publishing House: Astra, Kraków 2018
Softcover book measuring 9.1" x 9.6" x 0.06"
20 pages, illustrations
English/Polish Language Version

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