Polish Cooking - Christian Parma

Polish Cooking - Christian Parma

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Polish Cooking

Photography: Christian Parma
Text: Isabella Byszewska
Translation: James Richards

Contained in four chapters is a story about the history and traditions of the Polish cuisine supported by numerous recipes.

A culinary tour of Poland proves to be full of surprises, for the wealth and diversity of Polish cuisine is encountered in every one of the country's regions. Traditional breads and cold meats, preserves home-made from fruit and vegetables, excellent honeys, and a range of dishes made from grits and potatoes not to be met with anywhere else. And to top all those off, another Polish specialty—one or other of the exquisite fruit liqueurs. So all that it remains for us to do is to wish you a very sincere Bon Appétit!

1. Introduction: You are invited to the table…
2. Breakfast: For a good start to the day
3. Lunch: The abundance of the afternoon
4. Tea: A sweet bite
5. Supper: An evening shared

CHRISTIAN PARMA is a photographer, publisher. A photographer for some 60 lavishly-illustrated travel books.

IZABELLA BYSZEWSKA is a journalist by profession. Since 2000, she has devoted her attentions to the documentation and promotion of Poland's culinary heritage, including local products; as well as to concrete actions to build up the Polish market for regional foodstuffs and traditions. A co-founder and Board Member of the Polish Chamber for Regional and Local Products, she heads the panel for the Nasze Kulinarne Dziedzictwo ("Our Culinary Heritage") competition.

Publishing House: Parma® Press, Marki 2010
Hardcover book measuring 6.75" x 6.3" x 0.5"
96 pages, 93 color photographs, index
English Language Version

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