Wax Seal Kit - Polish Eagle Emblem

Wax Seal Kit - Polish Eagle Emblem

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Personalize your letters and documents with your Polish heritage using this wax seal start kit. Featured on the bottom of the stamper is the Polish White Eagle emblem, the coat-of-arms icon of Poland. The kit includes one stamper and two sticks of sealing wax—one white & one red for the national colors of Poland. The wax sticks contain a wick and burn like a candle. The stamper is a wooden handle with a screwed on brass circular impression of the White Eagle on the bottom. When applied to melted wax, the circular seal is an embossed image of the White Eagle.

  • Stamper measures: 3.75" High
  • Seal impression measure: 0.75" in Diameter
  • Two sticks of sealing wax (1-white & 1-red) each measuring approx: 0.5" x 0.25" x 4.0"

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For hundreds of years wax seals have been used by many cultures to denote a document's authenticity. Today wax seals are applied to documents as a traditional or ceremonial mark, adding elegance, style, and formality to wedding invitations, letters, cards, gift boxes, and more.

1. Rub a tiny drop of vegetable oil onto the wax seal die so that it will release from the wax more easily after sealing.
2. Light the wick of the sealing wax stick with a match or lighter.
3. Hold the lit wax stick over your paper surface with the lit end pointing slightly downward at about a 20° angle.
4. Drop wax onto your paper surface creating a circle of wax slightly larger than your seal about 1" in diameter.
5. Next, fill in the circle of wax and blow out the wax stick setting it aside. The tip of the wax stick will still be melted, so set it on scrap paper where it won't get wax on anything else. You can use the back end of your wax stick to stir the wax puddle if it's not dripped uniformly.
6. Press your seal gently into the melted wax puddle while it is still liquid. Wait 5 seconds to allow the wax to harden before pulling the seal from the wax. Pull the seal straight up off the wax. The vegetable oil should help it release smoothly, but if you have trouble, leave the seal in a bit longer until the wax is cooler before removing it.
7. Let the seal cool off before using it to make another seal.
8. To cleanup, wipe the metal seal with a paper towel. If any wax is stuck to the metal, use a pin to poke it out, and next time lubricate that spot more carefully.
Tip: One wax stick should make 8 to 10 wax seals.
Sealing wax is not recommended for use by children, and should be kept out of reach.

Reference: Living Victorian: Instructions for Using Your Wax Seal and Herbal Musings: How to Make a Wax Seal