We Learn Polish (2 Books & 2 CDs)

We Learn Polish (2 Books & 2 CDs)

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Authors: Barbara Bartnicka, Wojciech Jekiel, Marian Jurkowski and others.

The textbook We Learn Polish is a language course for learners of Polish as a second language. It is suitable for elementary and early intermediate learners of Polish.

It consists of two volumes:
Texts and Grammar and Usage Notes and Exercises as well as 2 CDs. Books are prepared for English speaking students and all instructions are in English language.

First book contains 50 units. Each unit consists of a text introducing new grammatical forms and syntactic structures and a list of words used in the text. In addition to the reading texts and dialogues this volume includes poems written by the leading Polish poets of the 20th century, tables extending the vocabulary range and the lyrics and music of a few most popular Polish songs. It is also illustrated with drawings and photographs.

Second book contains notes on grammar and usage as well as exercises and is closely integrated with the reading texts and dialogues provided in the first volume. Spelling and pronunciation, as well as morphology and syntax of the language, are discussed in the notes. This volume also provides an answer key to the exercises.

Publishing House: Wiedza Powszechna, Warszawa 1994, 9th printing 2010
SoftCover books measure approx: 5.7" x 8" x 1"
Volume I: 160 pages
Volume II: 288 pages
English Language Version

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